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30 Nov

I went back to the gym yesterday. It just happened to coincide with a Russian cold-snap and driving, wet snow. But I went to spinning and felt surprisingly fit despite a 7 day ‘leave of absence’ from my nemesis, the gym.

This morning, I intended to go after work today. But look. I’m not going. Zumba starts in 10 minutes and it’s really cold outside. There’s a homemade Italian veggie soup simmering away on the stove. My feet have just unthawed.


And I don’t care. I’m owning up to it and I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

On another completely unrelated note…I somehow managed to snap my boob, more specifically, my right nipple, in my macbook last night. I laughed at myself for a good five minutes – to the effect of tears. Note: do not push the laptop into your chest (braless) while closing it and standing up simultaneously.

A mega case of unmovitation

28 Nov

I’ve been finding it really difficult to get back into my gym routine after I got back from my 3-week vacation in September. Long-weekends in Paris, then Turin, then a ruptured muscle in my upper back, then 5 more days in Rome for work, then 5 days of head cold. I feel like shit.

I feel like shit and I know why. It’s because I haven’t been exercising like I should. I’ll give myself some credit…I got 3 hour long workouts in in the hotel gym in Rome, which is something.

It’s 3pm on Sunday and I”m still in my pyjamas. The cold snap and the darker days have made the mornings impossible for me, and I’m usually a ‘morning person’. I got up at 10:30 this morning and ate a super-healthy breakfast to fuel my for a gym session today. An hour later, a nasty headache creeped its way up my neck and took over the entire left-side of my head.

I’m convinced I get these headaches because I sleep with my shoulders, like, magnetically drawn to my ears. I fall asleep on my back, conscious of my posture, we’ve got expensive pillows…and every morning, I have to un-kink myself out of bed.

I’m still un-kinking.

Anyways, I started this blog to motivate me to start leading a more healthy, pro-active life. And looking back, my lapses in posting have coincided with lapses in exercising.

So, I’m posting. I’m posting to promise myself that I’m going to get back into my gym routine this week. And at the end of the week, I’m going to post again about how I did.

Meet Octomom

2 Nov

Halloween. I love it because I have an excuse to put together the most ridiculous costume I can imagine and wear it out in public. This year was no exception.

We were dressing up for a party hosted by a fellow Canadian-expat Halloween enthusiast, and the theme was Mad Science.

I like my costumes to be current, so after some brainstorming I thought that dressing up as Octomom was apt.  And I wanted to be Octomom pre-Cesarian, so some crafty thinking was in order.


– 4 pairs tan pantyhose
– 8 doll heads
– various doll parts
– cotton batting

A colleague donated two plastic babies which I deconstructed. I bought two, one of which had a face that lit up if you pushed the hand. I cut the head from the body and carefully pulled the wire out of the hand. The other four heads I made from the toes of the pantyhose and simply attached some plastic doll eyes that I had in my craft stash.

I beheaded a baby

I then cut out the gusset of one pair of pantyhose and sewed up the bottom, stuffed it into a preggers belly shape, and sewed up the other end. Then I stuck it in another cut-off gusset and jammed all the baby parts in between. I sewed up the bottom, and sewed up the top – but I made sure that I pulled out the wire from the one baby head so that I could push it throughout the night.

recently stuffed belly

And here was the finished product:

Who are the daddies?


I don't know who has sired this one.

they were kicking really hard.

My entourage: Dr. Block and Dr. Stanislov Spermowitz, my fertility doctor:

The next cover of Time Magazine.