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Meet Octomom

2 Nov

Halloween. I love it because I have an excuse to put together the most ridiculous costume I can imagine and wear it out in public. This year was no exception.

We were dressing up for a party hosted by a fellow Canadian-expat Halloween enthusiast, and the theme was Mad Science.

I like my costumes to be current, so after some brainstorming I thought that dressing up as Octomom was apt.  And I wanted to be Octomom pre-Cesarian, so some crafty thinking was in order.


– 4 pairs tan pantyhose
– 8 doll heads
– various doll parts
– cotton batting

A colleague donated two plastic babies which I deconstructed. I bought two, one of which had a face that lit up if you pushed the hand. I cut the head from the body and carefully pulled the wire out of the hand. The other four heads I made from the toes of the pantyhose and simply attached some plastic doll eyes that I had in my craft stash.

I beheaded a baby

I then cut out the gusset of one pair of pantyhose and sewed up the bottom, stuffed it into a preggers belly shape, and sewed up the other end. Then I stuck it in another cut-off gusset and jammed all the baby parts in between. I sewed up the bottom, and sewed up the top – but I made sure that I pulled out the wire from the one baby head so that I could push it throughout the night.

recently stuffed belly

And here was the finished product:

Who are the daddies?


I don't know who has sired this one.

they were kicking really hard.

My entourage: Dr. Block and Dr. Stanislov Spermowitz, my fertility doctor:

The next cover of Time Magazine.