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Wanted: Motivation

1 Feb

I am seriously lacking motivation to exercise today, and have been for the past few days. I was in London for a course last week, and the hotel had no gym and it was pouring rain the entire time I was there. So, that was basically an entire week written off.

The last two days, I have felt extremely, extremely tired. Which is weird for me.

Tuesday nights is usually a 2-hour gym session: Pilates and Zumba.

Energy, I need you.

Not lazy, just injured.

26 Oct

It’s been a long time since I posted a before/after photo. It’s not because I’ve gained 20lbs or grown warts all over my face though. No, it’s because I have been taking mini-vacations in countries famous for food (France and Italy) and then hurt myself. Was this during a weight lifting class? No.

It was Zumba.

It was a class that I’ve been taking 2-3 per week for the past 12 weeks. It was just a little twinge, what I thought was a pinched nerve. I fought my way through 20 more minutes of the class and had to give up and retreat half-way through. The pain was so awful that Grant had to undo my shoes, coat, etc. He very nearly almost had to feed me because I couldn’t lift either of my arms more than a few centimetres.

The next day, the pin-point pain had turned into a searing streak across my upper-back. I went to work and cried out in pain while reaching for the phone. I couldn’t get a physio appointment until a day later. I had 40 minutes of excruciating deep-tissue massage and was told that I had ruptured a muscle in my back.


How long?

At least three weeks.

TWIST. blurgh.

And now, I’m trying not to beat myself up. The Amanda of 2009 would have been overjoyed at having such a great excuse to avoid the gym. Amanda in 2010 feels extremely guilty and anxious about it.

So, unfortunately, a three week vacation in Canada (where I actually did work out 5 times), followed by a mini-vacations in France and Italy was followed by an injury.

There hasn’t been much ‘after’ difference since my last update to post. Instead, I’ll be posting more about my Halloween costume (involving lots of plastic baby parts), and my first foray into baking for money.

Stay tuned.

Three Weeks Later

6 Aug

So, it’s been three weeks since I first ‘went public’ with my goal of getting healthy again and getting rid of the Euroweight that I’ve gained over the last six years. To be honest, I was a bit frustrated this week because the scale tells me I’ve lost about 3lbs. The last time I lost weight (two years ago) doing pretty much the same thing, I lost 8lbs in the same period. But, as my sister reminded me, I’m not doing this to reach a number on the scale, I’m trying to change my lifestyle. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

–  60 minutes of cardio 4-5 x per week (Spinning, running and Zumba) + push-ups and crunches every morning

– Eliminating alcohol, processed foods, sugar, etc from my diet (with the exception of my birthday)

I wore the same clothes today as I did when I first posted a photo three weeks ago. I’m fairly certain I can see a difference:

before, and after

…encouraging actually. I think this is a better way of judging results. I have a habit of weighing myself every other day, and I know that a lot of you probably think that’s foolish, but it helps me to keep on track.

Hips and Ass, Meet Europe.

21 Jul

So, as promised yesterday…here’s some photos of me carrying around 30lbs of Euroweight:


…and from the front:

My shoulders have always been quite small, which really emphasises the weight gain around the mid-section. I weighed myself this morning, and the scale blinked me the number 76.6, which is less than it was a couple days ago. I really wish I could change the kgs to lbs on the scale, but can’t quite seem to figure it out.

I know that a lot of people say it’s not good to weigh yourself very often, but I find it’s the only thing that ties me to a routine. So, I’m not going to enforce any hard and fast rule about it, but I will do it whenever I think the number has changed (for better or worse).

Like I said yesterday, I write down my gym goals in an agenda and here’s what July looks like so far:

Check marks mean that either I have gone to the gym, or I WILL go to the gym. A check mark not followed through is modified into an X. The first week is a write off because I was in France at a music festival, but I started getting back into a routine by the second week…and if you count Sunday’s as the first day of the week, I’ve gone three times so far this week.

At the top, I’ve written “FOOD GOAL – NO BOOZE UNTIL 31 JULY”, which is the night before my birthday. Since being back from the music festival, I’ve stuck to that goal with the exception of 2 glasses of wine at dinner last week when a friend was in town, and last weekend when we had someone for dinner.

Okay, so I haven’t really stuck to that goal. #FAIL. Not drinking in summer is HARD.

And here’s what else is hard…there’s a table in our office that is constantly filled with chocolate. Today I vowed that I wouldn’t touch the table.

Chocolate goodies from around the world...halp!