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Canadian Thanksgiving in Amsterdam – Look No Further!

28 Sep

As a Canadian expat in Amsterdam, I’ve never been shocked when non-Canadians are surprised to hear that yes, we too, also celebrate Thanksgiving.

And not only that, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October.

Everything else is pretty much the same, minus the tie-on to a weekend of manic pre-Christmas shopping and the horrific marshmallow-on-sweet-potato side dish (horrific).

For many Thanksgivings and Christmases here in Amsterdam, I’ve been hosting pretty epic dinners. I’ve taken all the Canadian favourites and melded them with my passion of food to create a SUPER THANKSGIVING FEAST. And this year, I’m super-thrilled to be working with The Kitchen as their “guest chef” for a special Canadian Thanksgiving event on Sunday, 9 October.

So, basically, a small group of food-lovers get together and we all cook a special Canadian Thanksgiving in The Kitchen’s AMAZING facility. We cook, we laugh, we learn, and then we drink and eat, and eat, and eat. I’m even curing bacon: peameal/Canadian bacon!

Space is super limited though, so be quick to register: http://thekitchen.nl/menus.php?currMonth=10&currYear=2011&currDay=8&currKitchen=All&currType=All&currChef=All#menu