Christmas! Tree!

27 Dec

Every year, Grant and I bicker about the Christmas tree. He doesn’t see much point in getting a tree at all (“waste of money” being the most common reason), and when he does capitulate, he insists on getting the smallest and cheapest tree we can find.

Over my dead body.

I want a BIG tree with the soft, long green needles that don’t fall off. Norwegian blue something or other. Unfortunately these trees are also the most expensive trees, but the soft needles mean I can decorate the tree without being stabbed by the needles and breaking out in hives.

I got my way.

Grant tried to argue that it was too big, but I insisted it was the same size as last year.

I was wrong. The tree was much bigger, so big that we had to cut the top off to get the star on.

Our big tree

Indie Moose




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