Christmas Cookies a Go-Go

27 Dec

I’ve been scouring various websites for Christmas cookie inspiration since October. Armed with a new mixer made me giddy with baking excitement, and I stocked up on eggs, cocoa, flour, vanilla and powdered sugar to be prepared when the need struck.

After what seemed like a never-ending stream of booked weekends away (not complaining here, just saying!), I was finally able to get my bake on over the second weekend in December.

My first three recipes: Martha Stewart’s Linzer Cookies, White Chocolate Chunk & Pomegranatee (courtesy of Two Peas and a Pod), and the classic Hazelnut Thumbprint (I used Martha’s, though I might not next time).

Round 1 – Linzer Sandwich Cookies

Linzer cookies. I will never make them again. Well, at least this recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart. Now, I’m no novice baker, but I could not get this dough to work with me. I chilled it over night, as indicated, but when it came to rolling it out, it was just sticking to everything – the counter, the cutting board, the cookie cutters. I ended up using 1/2 a bag of flour just to keep everything dusted.

The recipe was supposed to yield 2 dozen sandwich cookies – I got about 8.

Loser Linzers

Round 2 – White Chocolate Chunk and Pomegranate

These were much more enjoyable to make. I’m not a fan of white chocolate, but I think it’s a decent ingredient in a cookie, and the idea of a pomegranate combo seemed right to me. The only pain about this recipe was having to insert the pomegranate seeds one at a time in each cookie prior to going in the oven. A small price to pay for the delicious result I’d say.

very, very good.

The super-sweet white chocolate chunks paired with the slightly tart and juicy pomegranate seeds was a GREAT combo. These are definitely on my list for next year.

Round 3 – Hazelnut Thumbprints

Delicious result but slightly annoying recipe. Martha calls for toasted and skinned hazelnuts, basically 1o minutes in the oven, rub the nuts with a tea towel (maybe some of my readers are familiar with this), and put in food processor until you get a fine crumb. Stupid me just put the processor on low and then did some dishes…two minutes later I had hazelnut butter. oops. I double-checked the recipe and it definitely makes no point about PULSING. Next attempt at toasting the hazelnuts clashed with making dinner, and I forgot about them and they burned and went into the bin. Third time, perfect.

The one part I’d definitely omit from the recipe was the egg washing the dough balls before coating in the hazelnuts. It got too claggy and gross…and I thought the shine on the cookies when they came out of the oven was off-putting. Next time, I’d just let the dough come to room temperature and then roll the balls right into the hazelnuts.

Hazelnut thumbprints - watch those hot nuts!


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